Our partners

INNOVAL is a leading cooperative French group owned by 30 000 dairy, beef and goat farmers.

The company's objective is to implement sustainable, adapted and coordinated services in the fields of data collection, consulting, animal health, reproduction and genetics.

In close collaborations with the breeders, the subsidiary EVOLUTION has selection programs for the breeds: Holstein, Normande, Pie Rouge, Parthenaise and Limousine.

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MASTERRIND is the leading dairy and beef genetics cooperative in Germany owned by 8500 farmers.

Driven by innovation, traditional values and sustainability MASTERRIND supplies genetics that create productive and healthy cows.

A fair and professional partnership with members and customers are the cornerstone of MASTERRIND's values.

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AURIVA-Elevage is the union of cooperatives in the South of France and a breeding company. It manages the breeding programs for 8 cattle breeds: Abondance, Aubrac, Bazadaise, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Gasconne, Tarentaise, YPERIOS 95 and YPERIOS Exc.

Guided by the interests of today's and tomorrow's breeders, AURIVA is a creator of excellent genetics and a provider of high quality services through its semen production and embryo biotechnology divisions.

AURIVA is committed to the sustainability of farms, breeds and territories. It disseminates exceptional sires both in purebred and for beef on dairy through its crossbreeding program YPERIOS, and improve farmers 's milk and beef revenues as well as their daily life.

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Brune Génétique Services (BGS) is the union of cooperatives that develops the French breeding program for the Brown Swiss breed.

Based on a principle of openness to the best of the world's Brown Swiss genetics, BGS genetics is the search for a perfect combination of production, milk quality, morphology, longevity and functional traits.

The French Brown Swiss breeders are strongly involved in the very efficient BGS program. This program is making his mark on international rankings and he contributes to bringing competitive genetics to purebred and crossbred dairy breeders.

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CAPGENES is a union of cooperatives in the goat industry that conducts selection schemes for the 15 recognized goat breeds in France.

The genetic improvement program is a collective approach in which more than 1,500 breeders participate, with the objective of improving the sustainability of their herd through selection.

CAPGENES is today the world leader for the ALPINE and SAANEN dairy breeds, thanks to a great diversification of selection criteria and the use of new technologies such as genomics or single step.

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CHAROLAIS UNIVERS is a union of French cooperatives whose missions are the creation, the detection, the evaluation and the diffusion of improving Charolais bulls for pure breeds as well as crossbreeding.

CHAROLAIS UNIVERS is leader in the rankings of the bulls evaluated on Maternal Qualities and carriers of the polled gene.

Our objectives, the response to the expectations of the markets in the respect of the breeders and their animals.

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UALC is a Union of Breeding and Animal insemination Cooperatives from the French area of Auvergne Limousin and Charente. The cooperative leads the selection program of the Salers breed.

Evaluated and performing bulls resulting from a rigorous selection program oriented towards the maternal qualities of the breed and the profitability of the farms.

UALC is committed to leading the way to a better future with innovative ideas and new technologies.

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