The world's best in conformation is housed in Verden

20 novembre 2023

On 15.11.2023 we have warmly welcomed Germany's chief classifier Dorothee Warder in Verden. Once again, she was able to convince herself of the high quality of our bulls. Result of Wednesday´s bull classification are 10 EX classifications.
On top of this success, Darlingo achieved an EX-96 classification. We are over the moon to be able to call the highest classified bull in Europe our own from now on! This conformation star out of the Swiss Expo Grand Champion "DH Gold Chip Darling EX-96" has once again made history.
In addition to Darlingo, the following of our top sellers have been able to demonstrate their own conformation:

Davido EX-90
Goretzka EX-90
Proximo EX-90
Benboy EX-91
Hadi EX-91
Diamo EX-91
Babylon EX-92
KingMaster EX-92
Topmodel EX-92
Solito Red EX-92

Photos :Torsten Lenk

Avatar Red -89 Avatar Red -89
Darlingo EX-89 Darlingo EX-89
Darlingo EX 96 Darlingo EX 96
Darlongo EX 96 Darlongo EX 96
Davido EX 90 Davido EX 90
Dorothee Warder Dorothee Warder
Goretzka EX 90 Goretzka EX 90
Hadi EX 91 Hadi EX 91
Hadi EX 91 Hadi EX 91
KinkMaster EX-92 KinkMaster EX-92
Say Red VG 89 Say Red VG 89
Solito Red EX-92 Solito Red EX-92
Way Maker VG-85 Way Maker VG-85