Schau Der Besten 2023

15 février 2023

#Save the date

The SYNETICS team will be present at Schau Der Besten in Verden - Germany from 22nd to 23th february. The 49th edition of the event organized by MASTERRIND ! We look forward to this exceptional annual show !

More details about the event and it's program :

The Schau der Besten in Verden is THE highlight in the German show scene and  attracts over 3,000 visitors from more than 20 countries worldwide. Breeders and enthusiasts of the German Holstein and Red Holstein breeds will immediately find like-minded people at this event. With about 185 TOP-class show cows in competition, a representative and informative offspring presentation as well for the highly valued lifetime performance class, framed by an extensive trade exhibition of renowned companies from the agricultural sector, Schau der Besten forms the heart of the show culture in the MASTERRIND breeding area.

Schau Der Besten 2023 Schau Der Besten 2023