Company, shareholders and ambassadors meeting in France (Noyal-Sur-Vilaine)

28 juin 2023

INNOVAL kicked off some events on French soil on 07.06.2023. Invited to a big company party (3 groups on three days, with a participation of 95%!) the strategy of the company was presented and discussed, celebrated together and old and new contacts were made.
In a euphoric mood due to the great INNOVAL company party, the meeting continued a few days later, on 14.06.2023, with the INNOVAL representatives' meeting, where not only the positive annual financial statement was presented, but also the plans for further strategic development.
In the subsequent shareholders' meeting of SYNETICS, the executive team presented the first financial result for the first quarter of 2023. As planned in the budget, it was fortunately possible to achieve a slightly positive result. Furthermore, the strategic alignment and coordination between MASTERRIND, INNOVAL and SYNETICS in the four main areas of growth, product development, service and social responsibility was on the agenda. After a constructive meeting with positive financial figures, it was not difficult for the outgoing chairman Vincent RETIEF to pass on the baton to Patrice GUIGUIAN, who was unanimously elected as the new chairman of SYNETICS. 
This was followed by the two-day SYNETICS Ambassador meeting. The Ambassadors are selected farmers from various regions of Germany and France who are supposed to bring practical suggestions into SYNETICS. The programme began with farm visits (Holstein and Normandes) before the next day's discussions focused on research and product development (breeding programmes, embryo and semen production). Afterwards, workshops highlighted special topics for the Holstein, Normande and beef cross breeds and visited the insemination station St. Aubin, the research station Mauron (line testing for beef cross breeds) as well as the donor station Sucée sur Erdre with a new laboratory for in vitro production of embryos.
Looking back on the eventful and profitable events, a very positive conclusion can be drawn because they were very well prepared and superbly organised by the colleagues involved. The smooth running ensured that the Ambassadors and members of the General Assembly involved were able to work together constructively and develop a great sense of community. Many thanks to all involved for this.


SYNETICS Ambassadors Meeting SYNETICS Ambassadors Meeting
SYNETICS new Chairman SYNETICS new Chairman