2023 Dairy Cows awards!

20 octobre 2023

SYNETICS congratulates all the breeders who own the 548 cows entered in the Grandes Laitières 2023 awards, and especially those who own a cow from our genetics!
There are 215 of them, i.e. 40% of the total, with a sire from SYNETICS, having reached the impressive milestone of 100,000 kg of milk or more.
We're particularly proud to have played a part in the success of these breeders!

Of these 548 cows, a SYNETICS bull was found 475 times in the pedigrees (sire and Gpm), proof of the positive influence of our genetics in the area of longevity and productivity per day of life.

Several of our bulls stand out among these Grandes Laitières:

    Voladi Man: 18 daughters
    Stol Joc: 15 daughters and 15 granddaughters
    Vosac Man: 9 daughters
    Survivor: 8 daughters and 5 granddaughters
    Ronly 6 daughters and 6 granddaughters
    Serplan : 6 girls
    Restell : 5 girls and 12 little girls
    Tuffiac : 5 girls and 1 little girl
    Okendo : 3 daughters and 13 granddaughters

 SYNETICS cows at the top of this ranking:

Second in the ranking is GBR BANETTE, a Ronly x Okavango daughter, owned by GAEC du Bois Rocher (53). She produced 164 735 kg in 13 lactations, moving up 3 places on last year.
Eighth, EXQUISE80 a daughter of Ronly x Rouki, owned by the GAEC de Coët Huan (56). She produced 140 228 kg in 9 lactations.

In ninth place was 8017, a daughter of Radical x Hakona Lea, owned by SCEA Assemat Elevage (81). She produced 138 852 kg in 9 lactations.

 At the top of the morphology ranking was DAISY DU DOUET (Restell x Lenny), owned by Jérémy LEGRUYER and GAEC de Kreis Ker (29), classified EX 96 points. She produced 101 895 kg in 9 lactations under the BIO label.

photo : Daisy du Douet ( Restell x Lenny)

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2023 Dairy cow award 2023 Dairy cow award
Daisy du Douet (Restell x Lenny) Daisy du Douet (Restell x Lenny)